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We’re always looking for new freelance writers to join our writing team. With competitive rates and flexible hours, you can earn a decent income from home whilst working on interesting topics in English and Turkish. Do you want to work with Nimbus Digital?

What Do We Expect from the Content Writer?

We are looking for enthusiastic and creative writing amateurs! We don’t seek an experience but passion and clear writing skills. If you have the courage to write, what are you waiting for?

What topics shall you be writing about?

We have an interface leading you to select a bunch of quests to write about. From A to Z, we have a variety of topics generated on weekly basis. This might be a daily subject, some trending topic or scientific research, you just need to enrol on the one sounds familiar to you.

Nimbus Digital Deadlines?

Like all projects, we have deadlines too. On the details of the selected project, you are going to have brief information about the subject and its deadline. You have to complete your content before the deadline in order to get paid.

Nimbus Digital Content Writing Rules

We have pretty strict rules in order to follow up with copyright laws.

  1. We do not allow plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, you will be banned from Nimbus Community.
  2. We do not allow AI-generated content. We are looking for creative enthusiasts and organic people.
  3. Complete works shall be delivered in HTML format. Please check our HTML Guide for more information.
  4. Works shall be clear and readable. Our editorial group will be checking the final works. Writers have 2 revision rights.
  5. The content language shall be fluent and professional. Punctuation and grammar shall be checked twice, before sending the final draft.
  6.  If the content is not accepted after the second revision, Nimbus Digital holds the right to dismiss the writer and the content.
  7. Writers shall forfeit their intellectual rights when the final draft is confirmed.
  8. If quotations and referrals are made, please apply with MLA or Chicago style bibliographic rules and do not forget to create a bibliography section at the bottom of the content that applies with same style.
  9. Please check the essential rules of HTML once the content is ready to be delivered.

Payment Terms

Payments are made at monthly intervals. The first week of each month is accepted as a payment week. The payment amount will be defined accordingly with the content strength and quality. We do not evaluate quantity but quality.

Intellectual Rights

Nimbus Digital holds full rights of provided content and provided content can not be used anyhow without written permission of Nimbus Digital. Writers who create original works are entitled to certain intellectual property rights. For the content exclusively created for Nimbus Digital, the writer forfeits all his/her rights on the provided content, this includes the exclusive right to copy, distribute, adapt, or publicly perform the works. By providing content for Nimbus Digital, writers accept all articles above.

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